In response to the current pandemic, to promote social distancing, and in compliance with Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 which prohibits public in-person attendance at meetings, the Board of Commissioners strongly encourages the public to take advantage of remote options for attending open public meetings.


No in-person attendance will be allowed until Governor’s Proclamation 20-28 is lifted.

Questions can be directed to the Clerk of the Board at (360)417-9767 or virginia@sacpa.org 

Board Resolutions


2020- Board Resolutions

01-2020 Resolution Declaring an Emergency in Response to COVID-19


2019 Board Resolutions

01-2019 Resolution Approving a Boundary Line Adjustment between City and District

02-2019 Resolution Approving a Change in By-Laws (Tabled)

03-2019 Resolution: DA Davidson during project 

04-2019 Resolution to Issue $6,800,000 in Park Revenue Bonds for Expansion Project

05-2019 Resolution to Approve the 2020 District Budget

06-2019 Resolution to Approve the District Property Tax Levy

2018 Board Resolutions

01-2018 Resolution Appointing a Member to the District CAC for 2018

02-2018 Resolution Approving the 2018-2023 Comprehensive Plan

03-2018 Resolution Approving the Submission of Application to LWCF Grant

04-2018 Resolution Authorizing a Line of Credit in the Maximum Amount of $500,000

05-2018 Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Real Property (223 E. 8th St.)

06-2018 Resolution to Accept Grant Funds from the Opportunity Fund

07-2018 Resolution for Establishing the Process to Register Bonds

08-2018 Resolution to Issue Bonds in the Amount not to Exceed $11 Million

09-2018 Resolution Designating an Agent to Receive Claims

10-2018 Resolution Authorizing to Invest in the Washington Local Government Investment Pool

11-2018 Resolution to Open account with DA Davidson

12-2018 Resolution to Accept Grant Funds from Washington RCO

13-2018 Resolution to Accept Grant Funds from WA Dept. of Commerce CDBG

14-2018 Resolution Approving Purchase Agreement for Surplus Property at Four Season Ranch

15-2018 Resolution Approving the 2019 Tax Levy Rate

16-2018 Resolution Approving the 2019 Budget

2017 Board Resolutions

01-2017 Resolution Appointing Member to the District Citizen Advisory Committee

02-2017 Resolution Accepting Gift of Real Property

03-2017 Resolution to Submit Bond Issue to Voters

04-2017 Resolution Declaring Surplus Real Property

05-2017 Resolution to Amend 2017 Budget

06-2017 Resolution to Issue Bond to Kitsap Bank

07-2017 Resolution Adopting the 2018 Budget

08-2017 Resolution Authorizing the Collection of 2018 Tax Levy

2016 Board Resolutions

2016-01 Appointing Members to the District Citizens Advisory Committee for 2016

2016-02 Authorizing the Application for and Receipt of an Opportunity Fund Grant

2016-03 Resolution Requesting DNR to Address Timber Arrearage for Clallam County

2016-04 Resolution Adopting the Amended 2016 Budget

2016-05 Resolution Adopting the 2017 Budget 

2016-06 Resolution for 2017 Regular Levy Tax Collection

2016-07 Resolution for Recognition of Service for Commissioner Chapman 


2015 Board Resolutions

2015-01 Appointing Members to the William Shore Memorial Pool District Citizens Advisory Committee

2015-02 Resolution for 2016 Regular Levy Tax Collection

2015-03 Resolution Adopting the 2016 Budget


2014 Board Resolutions

2014-08 Appointment of District Treasurer and Amendment of Resolution 3, 2013

2014-07 Adopting the Regular Property Tax Levy for Collection in the 2015 Calendar Year

2014-06 Adopting 2015 Annual Budget

2014-05 Payment of All Outstanding Draws on the WSMPD Line of Credit to the Clallam Co Treasurer

2014-04 Appointing Members to the WSMPD AD HOC Strategic Planning Committee

2014-03 Appointing Members to the WSMPD AD HOC Advisory Committee

2014-02 Appointing Members to the William Shore Memorial Pool District Advisory Committee

2014-01 Not Used

2013 Board Resolutions 

2013-07 Appointing a Commissioner to the William Shore Memorial Pool District

2013-06 Adopting 2014 Annual Budget

2013-05 Adopting the Regular Property Tax Levy for Collection in the 2014 Calendar Year

2013-04 Amending the provisions of Resolution No. 3, 2013 t

2013-03 Accepting the proposal of Kitsap Bank in Port Angeles, Washington, to purchase a limited tax general obligation bond payable from taxes and other revenues of the District

2013-02 Authorization for the Acquisition of Personal Property and Execution of a Financing Contract and Related Documentation Relating to the Acquisition of Personal Property

2013-01 Local Loan Reimbursement 


2012 Board Resolutions

2012-06:Adopting the Regular Property Tax Levy for Collection in the 2013 Calendar Year

2012-05: Adopting the 2013 Annual Budget

2012-04: Appointing a Member to the William Shore Memorial Pool District Advisory Committee

2012-03:Reimbursement Resolution

2012-02: Local Loan Program Authorizing Resolution

2012-01: Appointing a Member to the William Shore Memorial Pool District Advisory Committee


2011 Board Resolutions

2011-01:Small Public Works and Consultation Rosters

2011-02:Reappointing Members to the William Shore Memorial Pool District Citizens Advisory Committee

2011-03: District Notice of Public Records Index and Copying Facilities

2011-04: Public Records Officer

2011-05:Authorization for Executive Director to Approve Changes in Existing Contracts

2011-06:Establishing A Community Fund for Donations

2011-07:Amending the 2011 Budget

2011-08:Adopting the 2012 Annual Budget

2011-09: Adopting the Regular Property Tax Levy for Collection in the 2012 Calendar Year


2010 Board Resolutions

2010-06 Appointing Member to Advisory Committee

2010-07 Establishing a District Payroll Fund

2010-08 Establishing a Register Imprest Fund

2010-09:Authorizing Bank Account for Deposits of Credit Card Payments

2010-10:Authorizing an Increase in the Payroll Fund to $50,000

2010-11:Proclamation Honoring the PAHS Girls Swim Team

2010-12: Adopting the 2011 Annual Budget

2010-13:Authorizing Participation in the Deferred Compensation Fund 

*No resolutions were numbered 2010-1 to 5


2009 Board Resolutions

2009-01:Appointing Advisory Board Member

2009-02:Adopting 2009 Annual Budget

2009-03: Adopting 2010 Annual Budget

2009-04: Setting the 2010 Tax Levy Rate

2009-05: Setting the Tax Levy Rate