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Frequently Asked Questions

Covid-19 facility specific questions are in GREEN

The Shore Aquatic and Community Center is not affiliated with the Olympic Peninsula YMCA- that means that you CANNOT use your scan card for the SAC at the Y, nor can you use your Y scan card here at the Shore Aquatic and Community Center.

Why the did Fall 2022 hours not go later in the evenings and weekends? When employing minors to work in your organization in the state of Washington, child labor laws must be followed. Depending on ages, school classification determines if we have enough workers who can work weekdays past 9pm on a school night. After reviewing the current school classifications of our workers it was determined that we do not have enough lifeguards to work past 9pm and be in compliance with the state of Washington Child labor laws. We understand the frustration but to remain in compliance 8pm closing time on Monday-Friday will remain. The other determining factor was that with the school year starting a large majority of staff returned to college, started after school sports and activities or parents have limited their hours/availability to work to focus on school.  


Why did my account get flagged? Your account can get "flagged" by staff meaning until issue is resolved,  Common reasons accounts are flagged include: 1) Unpaid or expired membership, 2) Membership hold because of repeated inability to follow pool rule precautions/guidelines, (3) Card on file is declined and needs to be updated.

Did the rates go up for entrance and memberships? Yes, rates went up slightly to meet the increase in minimum wage. Please refer to the Admissions or Memberships page for the 2023 rates for the Shore Aquatic Center


I got a wooden token at a community event, how do I use it? Wooden tokens equal 1 entrance for 1 person to use the facility. Wooden tokens cannot be redeemed for cash or used to purchase other items at the pool. If you are making a reservation and would like to use your wooden token, you can only do this in person at our front desk.  

Scholarship Questions? Scholarship applications are available at our front counter and online under the admissions page. We provide scholarships based on income, size of household and a variety of financial reasons. Scholarships can be offered up to 50% for memberships, childcare and select programs. Swim Lesson scholarships are awarded with 1 session Free, 2 at sessions 50% cost. Besides showing financial reasons for a scholarship, requests are only granted to those that live within the Port Angeles School District as that is our tax district for the Aquatic and Community Center. Further questions on scholarships can be sent to


Winter Weather- With winter upon us we will try to be open as much as possible during inclement weather. If the facility closes due to weather conditions, road conditions or staffing we will issue refunds for swim lessons and programming. If the facility is open and you have a lesson group or private then no refunds will be issued. Private lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. 

Please follow us on Facebook and check our website for updates on openings/closings during winter weather conditions.

Additionally if we can not get enough staff in safely the facility may also open late, close early or not open at all.


The Shore Aquatic and Community Center has the right to close, change schedules or cancel programs depending on weather, health of staff, facility conditions and any reason deemed necessary.  

General Facility Questions:

If I bought an Annual Membership or 12-Visit Pass before the pool closed, is it still valid? Yes! Any Annual Passes or 12-Visit Pass are still valid and on your account. When the facility reopens you can re-establish your membership based on how many months were remaining on your account before the pool closed. Our recreation software has this information, we just ask for an update of your contact info and payment method. Those who had Monthly Billed passes will need to setup a new membership at the new price with an updated card on file. Refer to Admissions page for new Membership rates.

Did the locker rooms get renovated? Yes, staff are very excited about the layout of our new facility to include Universal Changing rooms and Gender Specific Locker Rooms. The Universal Changing Hallway holds 6 changing rooms that can be accessed by families, individuals, those with mobility issues, or anyone that would like to use these rooms to change. All items must be taken out of the room after you have changed and placed in lockers in the hallway or on bleachers or benches on the pool deck. The locker rooms have been designed with twice as many lockers and showers than in the previous locker rooms. 

Lockers? There are lockers in locker rooms and universal changing hallway. Patrons will need to bring their own lock or will be available for purchase at the Welcome Desk. Any standard combination lock should work for the lockers. Any items left in lockers or locked overnight will be placed in the Lost and Found bins and can only be kept up to a week before being donated. 

Towels? Patrons will need to bring their own towels, but the front desk will be selling them if you have forgotten to bring one.

How long are the new pools in terms of a workout? If you are working out in the Lazy River, it would take 45 laps to walk a mile. In the Wellness Pool, 88 lengths of the pool would be a mile (44 laps down & back). In the Lap Lanes it is 25 yds. (35 down and back) to equal one mile.

What play features are in your Activity Pool? We have multiple new play features including our Lazy River, vortex, spray features such as a large whale tail, mushroom toy, underwater features, and more. Our Activity Pool also features zero-depth entry and underwater benches.

Are mermaid tail skins allowed in the facility? Unfortunately, they are not. STAR GUARD guidelines state they're not permitted in an aquatics facility. Because we must follow these guidelines to remain compliant; we currently do not allow them.

Does pool water kill the Coronavirus? There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19. 'USA Swimming'

Swim LessonsOur Aquatic's Manager is working hard fitting as many lessons into each session as possible with swim instructor availabilities and schedules.. Visit our Swim Lessons page for more information.

Masks- Masks are no longer required at Shore Aquatic Center. We support your decision to continue wearing one or to go without. Please do the same for others. Thanks! --SAC

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