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General Facility Questions

How long are the new pools in terms of a workout?

If you are working out in the Lazy River, it would take 45 laps to walk a mile. In the Wellness Pool, 88 lengths of the pool would be a mile (44 laps down & back). In the Lap Lanes it is 25 yds. (35 down and back) to equal one mile.

What play features are in your Activity Pool?


We have multiple new play features including our Lazy River, vortex, spray features such as a large whale tail, mushroom toy, underwater features, and more. Our Activity Pool also features zero-depth entry and underwater benches.

Are mermaid tail skins allowed in the facility?


Unfortunately, they are not. STAR GUARD guidelines state they're not permitted in an aquatics facility. Because we must follow these guidelines to remain compliant; we currently do not allow them.

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