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Budget & Finance

Mountain Range



District Budget

The Shore Metropolitan Park District’s fiscal year is the calendar year. The budgeting process begins in September and is developed jointly by staff and commissioners, reviewed and revised in monthly public meetings and finalized and adopted prior to the end of the current fiscal year.


District Budget Reports


District Annual Financial Reports

The Shore Metropolitan Park District Annual Report is prepared to provide you, the interested resident, a review of the past year. This report provides an overview of the District, highlights the accomplishments and challenges experienced in the previous year, and discusses areas of operation, as well as the district's finances. Also, statistical and financial analyses are included from previous years for comparison purposes. If you have any questions regarding the information within these reports, please contact the District at (360) 775-2119.


District Annual Reports


Washington State Auditor Reports

The Shore Metropolitan Park District by legislation must have an audit at least every two years by the Washington State Auditors Office (WSAO).  The WSAO does our audit on site every two years.


Washington State Auditors Reports



Certifications of Levies

The William Shore Memorial Pool District receives financing each year from a Metropolitan Park District levy on real and personal property which was voter approved in 2009 when the District was established. Each year the amount of the financing changes due to the changes in property values in the district. Below you can look at each years levy certification and the amount of financing the District will receive.


District Levy Certifications

2010 - present

2010 - present

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