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Shore Memberships

Effective January 1, 2023: the image to the right shows the fee increase across the board for memberships, general admission, and other services with the District. This is due to the Washington state minimum wage increase. With these increases of about 8%, we feel we still offer affordable membership opportunities for the community. We also offer scholarships and you can find the PDF form below if interested. Thank you for being loyal patrons and members! --SAC

2023 Admission Rates.jpg

Annual Membership Options-
1. Annual contract paid in full at time of activation with credit, debit, cash, or check.
You save about 2 months with this pass vs. Monthly Auto-billed Membership!

2. Annual contract paid automatically by month with payment card saved securely on your account. Payment comes out the same day each month depending on date of activation. Pass will expire if unpaid more than one month. 

12-Visit Pass- No annual commitment, does not expire! 12 visits put on scan card and can be "refilled" when uses run out. You save about 2 visits with this pass vs. General Admission!

There is no longer an out of district rate! 

There are also no separate exercise class rates!

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