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Start reserving your party today! 
What's more fun than a POOL PARTY to celebrate a birthday, sports season, or family get-together. 

Party Rentals


All packages must be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance*



Frequent Questions

*Why do I have a party host?"- This person is responsible for ensuring the room is clean, handling any issues during your event, keeping your party in its time frame, and cleaning up after your event for the next parties. 


*Why only 2 hours?"We have found- in contacting other aquatic centers that offer similar options- that 2 hours is the average time needed for a party room.. We encourage those who have older kids who will want more swim time to reserve the earlier time slot, exit the room at the end of your 2 hour block, and stay and swim until closing!

*Why 3 weeks in advance?"- There are many party requests for every weekend; the sooner you get your request in the more likely you are to get that time frame. You can wait and see if a cancellation happens but we cannot hold timeslots.

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