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S. P. A. R. K.

Swim Play & Active Recreation for Kids

The mission of SPARK squad is to provide a quality enrichment program for youth in the Port Angeles community by:

     - Having a structured schedule of recreation and education activities

     - Facilitating individual student growth through learning opportunities

     - Creating a safe environment based on equality and compassion

FALL 2023-24 School Year


SPARK Squad is located at our facility on the Shore Community Center side of the building adjacent to City Hall off 5th St. 


Attendance Limit

80 students- SPARK Squad strives to stay at or above the recommended 10:1 student to leader ratio for safety and quality of the program in the facility we have. For wait list requests, email



  2-5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday


We have a district-owned van for transportation that we use for the furthest stop at 9th & B for Hamilton students, and have pick-up at 5th & Chase where leaders meet and walk to SPARK Squad. This stop is offered currently by Franklin and Jefferson schools. Roosevelt students are currently being dropped off at 5th & Chambers and walking with a leader to SPARK Squad or being picked up by our van. For more details email


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