**UPDATE 3/24/21: SPARK Squad is currently ACCEPTING REGISTRATION!

Since our most recent update for Phase 3, we are able to increase our capacity for our After School Program. Please Download an Application and bring in person or email

Please call (360)477-0862 (1:30-5:30pm) or (360)775-2119.

Email virginia@sacpa.org with questions or to be added to our Summer wait list, scroll down for our new Summer Camp info sheet! 


S. P. A. R. K.

Swim Play & Active Recreation for Kids


The mission of SPARK squad is to provide a quality enrichment program for youth in the Port Angeles community by:

     - Having a structured schedule of recreation and education activities

     - Facilitating individual student growth through learning opportunities

     - Creating a safe environment based on equality and compassion

FALL 2020 School Year

FALL 2020 Phase 3-PASD Online and Hybrid A/B, AM/PM Model


Location: SPARK Squad is now located at our new facility on the Shore Community Center side of the building adjacent to City Hall off 5th St. 


Attendance LimitNEW!! 50 enrolled (due to COVID-19 limitations and precautions)


Dates/Times: NEW!! 12:00-5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday


Cost: $16 per day (+$20/month if you would like your child involved in 2x/week swim lessons). Scholarships are available, you can find the form below this message.


Daily Activities: Each day SPARK will include a healthy snack, group games, leadership and team-building activities, reading time, crafts, science experiments and free time. 


SwimmingSAC does not provide swimsuits and towels for each SPARK Squad kiddo. We have extra swimsuits, but we encourage parents to send children’s own swimsuits and towels and we will wash and dry and put back in their personal cubby after each swim. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays we have swim lessons and each child is tested and placed in an appropriate level upon registration. Every Friday we have open swim time with the SPARK leaders.


Snacks: SPARK Squad participates in the USDA Food Service program; a healthy snack will be provided each day when kids arrive or after swim lessons. Additionally, we do provide gluten and dairy-free options.  


Payments: SPARK Squad will return to monthly billing, sending a bill via email out on the 1st of each month, with payment due by the 10th.


Questions: Please email virginia@sacpa.org or call (360)775-2119 or SPARK cell (360)477-0862

The precautions we are taking to protect your family during COVID-19:


  • Please limit 1 parent, student at check-in location, once that parent has left the building then the next family may enter.

  • We will do wellness checks for all children at sign-in. A parent must sign off on symptoms within the last 48 hours. All children will have their temperature recorded upon entry into the building. If a child has a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees or shows any signs or symptoms, per the local Department of Public Health, they will not be able to remain at SPARK Squad and may be asked to quarantine before returning.

  • Staff members are required to wear masks, per state guidelines, and children are also to wear masks while at the program. I reusable mask per child is provided. Masks are kept on location for use while they are at SPARK Squad.

  • Our staff members are doing frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all spaces and objects that are used during the day.

  • We will be on heightened alert for symptoms and enacting a more stringent sick policy to avoid having sick children or children with potential contagious symptoms in the program.

  • Students sit 6ft apart for activities, and kept in small groups of moving activities to limit possible exposure.

  • Increased frequency of hand-washing for staff and children throughout the day.

Inclement Weather
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