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November 26th-

7am River Fit Canceled due to holiday hours.

Shallow Water Aerobics
This place in our warmer Wellness pool, perfect for mid-intensity workouts. 


This aerobics class is taught in the shallow water. It is designed to tone muscles, raise the heart rate, and maintain personal fitness.

Deep Water Aerobics

Deep Water Aerobics is taught in our dive tank. The deeper water improves endurance and strength.

Deep Water Aerobics gives you the benefits of weights, aerobics and stretching in a non-impact workout that focuses on calorie burning and improving all aspects of physical fitness. It is designed to tone muscles and raise the heart rate. Taught in the 12ft dive tank, participants use flotation equipment to support buoyancy and encourage proper form.

Combo Aerobics

This class is not currently offered.

A combination of the Shallow and Deep Water Aerobics.

Balance and Stability

This aerobics class will be held in our brand new Wellness Pool, a heated, 3-lane, therapy pool. 

This class is designed for any individual that has balance issues or other problems with physical instability as a result of normal aging or of a health event. It is also designed individuals wanting to take a pro-active and preventative approach to balance training with intent of improving their physical function through the ageing process.