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District Strategic plan

Mountain Range


Strategic planning is intended to answer the following questions: “Where are we now, Where do we want to go, and How will we get there?” The Shore Metropolitan Park District Strategic Plan provides direction regarding major initiatives anticipated during a rolling five-year planning period. The Plan is written to address community and facility needs, and the goals established by the Board of Commissioners, Citizen’s Advisory Committee and staff to reflect the core values expressed in the District’s Mission and Values Statements. The Strategic Plan is reviewed and revised each year during the budgeting process with discussions between the Board of Commissioners, Citizen’s Advisory Committee and staff. It influences the scheduling and funding of projects identified in the District’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and guides the creation of the annual budget and goals set for each year.

The Strategic Plan is composed of three strategic initiatives that address our core functional areas and maintain our strategic values. These initiatives are based upon work and input from the Citizens Advisory Committee, staff, customers and community. These strategic initiatives are core to the mission and vision of the District and do not change from year to year. They are areas that we will always continue to pursue and improve.

Strategic Initiative #1: Exceeding Customer Expectations

Goal #1: Increase the number of programs and events for all ages and socio-economic groups to increase the use of the District facility;

Goal #2: Develop on-going training for customer service and financial transactions;

Goal #3: Find opportunities to increase positive cooperative relationships and partnerships;

Goal #4: Establish electronic and social media presence to distribute District information.

Strategic Initiative #2: Long Term Financial Stability

Goal #1: Increase earned revenue to reduce reliance on tax revenue;

Goal #2: Maintain adequate reserved balance fund levels;

Goal #3: Create sinking fund to provide for long-term equipment replacement;

Goal #4: Implement best practices in finance and accounting.

Strategic Initiative #3: Safety and Operational Excellence

Goal #1: Provide the safest possible environment for the public and employees;

Goal #2: Increase the use of certified instructors for programming;

Goal #3: Increase compliance with accessibility and ADA standards with the facility;

Goal #4: Increase staff retention for all positions.

Goal #5: Implement natural succession to limit managerial turbulence.

While this Strategic Plan represents a final product, it is a living document and the strategic planning process is ongoing. An evaluation of our strategic initiatives and goals relative to established metrics for achievement takes place annually during the budget process.

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