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Steve started working for the District as an Advisory Committee member when the district was formed in 2009 then became the Executive Director in 2010. He has been involved in operating commercial pools for over two decades and is certified as an Aquatic Facility Operator and has graduated from the National Aquatics Management School. 


Steve grew up in San Diego and moved to Port Angeles to raise his family in 2001.  Steve has two kids who are in college and his wife, Cindy, works at Olympic Medical Center.


Steve enjoys the outdoors and likes to ride his Jet skis to Victoria in the summer.

Steven Burke

Executive Director

(360) 775-2119

Denise began her career in 2004 as a seasonal employee for Michigan State Parks. She graduated from Lake Superior State University with a bachelor's degree in Parks & Recreation Management and an associate's degree in Natural Resources Technology. She has worked with many different governmental agencies at all levels within the parks and recreation industry. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, gardening and baking with sourdough.

"I spent the last two years traveling around the country with my family. I'm looking forward to being involved with the community of Port Angeles and raising my son here."

Picture coming soon!

Denise Dawson



Photo Coming Soon


Bio Coming soon!

lori Taber

Member Services Manager


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Ryan grew up in Port Angeles. He has attended college off and on since graduating in 2017. He obtained his AA from Peninsula College.


Despite not obtaining a bachelors yet, he has amassed 198 college credits in total. He is currently going for a Bachelors in Business Management.


Ryan has been working for William Shore Memorial Pool District off and on since 2014.


"The pool has been an important part of my life for a long time. I have always been in swim lessons, and started Swim Club in 3rd grade. I remember when I was walking down the sidewalk protesting the closure of the facility; it's crazy to see how far it has come."

Ryan Amiot

Aquatics Manager



Jessica has lived in Port Angeles her whole life. She is a Port Angeles High School graduate. She started working for Shore Aquatic Center in 2021. Jessica grew up an avid Girl Scout; she was always helping the younger girl scouts in her troop. She enjoyed helping them learn and grow as a girl scout and person.


Jessica shares that passion with the spark and splash kids. She is amazed by their minds every dayJessica wants Spark squad and splash preschool to be a safe, fun, and creative environment for kids to learn and grow.


" I grew up swimming in the pool and am excited to share that same passion of swimming with the spark and splash kids.”

Jessica Amiot

Youth Programs Coordinator


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