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Swim & Dive Teams


Visit Port Angeles Swim Club Home (  or and find their Athletics page for more information. 

Port Angeles High School Swim and Dive Teams

William Shore Pool hosts Port Angeles High School Division 2A Girls and Boys Swim and Dive teams. The Girls season is in the fall and starts as soon as school starts in September. The boys season immediately follows in late October. (COVID restrictions have changed these schedules- please visit website listed for more info.


Athletic Eligibility To be eligible for athletics at Port Angeles High School a student must:

  1. Live within the boundaries of the Port Angeles School District and be living with your parents or your legal guardians.

  2. Be in full attendance in school last semester and have passed all classes.

  3. Be a full-time student currently within the Port Angeles School District and passing all classes.

  4. Not be over the age of 19 or in your fifth or more year of high school.

  5. Not have transferred to Port Angeles High School for athletic reasons.

  6. Have a completed athletic clearance packet on file and be holding a current, valid student body card from Port Angeles High School.

  7. Not be a professional athlete in the sport you are playing.

  8. Abide by the current Port Angeles High School athletic code.


Any questions may be directed to the PAHS Athletic Director.


Divison 2A Olympic League School Swim Teams

  • Bremerton High School

  • Kingston High School

  • North Kitsap High School

  • Olympic High School

  • Port Angeles High School

  • Sequim High School

  • Port Townsend High School

Port Angeles Swim Club

Our pool is home to the Port Angeles Penguin Swim Team. The Port Angeles Swim Club (PASC) is a year round competitive swimming team affiliated with US Swimming/Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS).


The mission of PASC is to enable all of its swimmers to reach their highest potential as an athlete & as a person through excellence in its coaching, training, and caring. Lead by our outstanding coaches, PASC seeks to create a challenging and nurturing environment in supporting our swimmers to achieve the excellence in competitive swimming.

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